What We Do

Structured group fitness classes designed to build lean muscle in a motivating team environment, improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength. When becoming a member and joining our hyper tribe, you surround yourself with like-minded, determined people who support each other to go from "I can't, to I can and will!"

Every class is designed and run by qualified, experienced Personal Trainers to ensure you get the most out of every session and have fun. We specialize in structured strength and conditioning in a group environment that will support your goals with proven results - our #hypertribe is our training family!

For those that sometimes just want to do their own thing

We have 2 hours per day for "free train" sessions.

  • No lock in contracts

    • who really wants to be locked into a long term membership anyway.. Just give us 30 days notice.
  • No costly admin fees

    • what exactly are you paying for anyway? We're a little bit different like that.
  • 44 class times and 5 free train sessions available per week.

    • availability for everyone at a time convenient to you.

Grow With Us

Jump on board to grow with us as part of the #hypertribe family and reach those squad goals together!

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